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Rund um die Uhr erreichbar

24 hours availability

Our 24 hour service lens is used in many areas. No matter whether you are a high-tech group or a small entrepreneur.

Excellent customer service is a decisive differentiating factor in customer loyalty. We meet this demand with sophisticated service solutions.

Regardless of whether you want to set up an emergency hotline, guarantee round-the-clock customer service or receive calls from different time zones; the areas of application of a „round-the-clock hotline“ are


Wenn Sie Ihren Kundenservice nachhaltig verbessern und gleichzeitig das Personal Ihres Unternehmens entlasten möchten sollten wir uns unterhalten. Wir erstellen Ihnen gerne ein individuelles Angebot für Ihr Projekt.

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Areas of application for on-call services

Our customers include companies from a wide range of industries and sizes with different application areas. For our customers, this often raises the question of whether they can simply implement the 24/7 on-call service themselves.

Outsourcing to an external telephone service is recommended, however, particularly for critical areas of application. Our Service Center is always reachable, with a standby service that is to be solved for example by a standby mobile phone it often comes to complications.

Our reliable service always goes to the phone regardless of network – time reception or other factors. For this purpose, we operate a redundant 24-hour emergency call centre with state-of-the-art technology in Stuttgart. Here are just a few examples where P-Call on-call services are used:

Lift and elevator emergency service

taxi call

fault location

Accident and breakdown assistance

Card blocking service

caretaker service

Medical on-call service

Claims service for insurance companies

key emergency service


The Maultaschen Hotline

BÜRGER Maultaschen are one of the most successful export hits from Baden-Württemberg. The long-established company from Ditzingen near Stuttgart produces high-quality food that is offered nationwide in retail, gastronomy and canteens.

Whenever companies work with food, dangers lurk. For example, threats could lead to dangerous situations for consumers. In such a case, swift action is required.

For this purpose, P-Call operates a 24/7 crisis hotline under which affected dealers can report suspicious cases. In the event of a crisis, the P-Call agents inform the so-called BÜRGER crisis intervention team within a few seconds via a sophisticated alarm system.

The team members are alerted by telephone by the P-Call call center agent. We guarantee the company a 24 hour service availability, also on weekends and public holidays.

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