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Our online database for high-quality call center addresses offers you high data quality and extensive selection options for your telephone marketing campaign. With over 5.3 million company addresses, we also offer optimal solutions for your project.

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The company database of our address dealer contains more than 5.3 million company data. The huge database is based on publicly accessible address lists from the Internet. The data is then compared with the imprint, the insolvency database and the commercial register and enriched with further information. As a result you have high-quality

company data including telephone number, owner and address data.

Search the database for specific sectors, sales figures, employees or other facts. This makes it possible to start efficient telephone marketing with low wastage.

Purchased call center addresses may be used by you without restriction at any time.

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Call Center Addresses rent

If you want to use potential new customers specifically for a one-time telemarketing campaign, you can rent call center addresses. You may use any address for a previously defined period of time. All interested parties / new customers (leads) gained from this may of course continue to be used without restriction.

Compared to conventional purchases, address rental offers a cheaper alternative for small budgets and test campaigns. The price model differs considerably from the purchase of company addresses. It is therefore worthwhile to deal with the subject of buying or renting beforehand.

Our sales department will advise you on Wishes for your projects.

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address selection

We research for you individual data for your telemarketing campaign. This ensures that wastage due to incorrect target groups is avoided.

Online database

Via the address shop you can create individual selections and research potential target groups yourself. Extensive search options are available

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