Conference call without additional costs


Telephone meeting without limitation

With our conference call service you can hold your own conference call at the normal fixed line rate.

Arrange a time and a six-digit conference code with your conference topics;

The participants dial in at the agreed time via the conference number 0711-20 50 32 32 and enter the previously agreed conference code via their telephone keypad.

You can then start your conference call.

Sample invitation for conference topics:

Hello, XY,

I cordially invite you to a Conference call on XX.XX.XXXX at XX:XXh.

Simply call (0711) 20 50 32 32 from your telephone on this date. When prompted, enter the room number XXXXXX. You’re already connected to me and the other conference topics.

Functions during the conference call

You can use the following functions at any time during the telephone conference via your telephone keypad.

query participant

*4 starts the announcement of the number of participants in the conference room

Close room

* 2 Opens or closes the conference room for further information Caller


All mute

* 1 Mutes / hears all other participants.


* 0 mutes itself / listens to it switch

[vc_accordion_tabtitle=“Is the conference call free of charge?“]

Yes, there are only telephone charges for a call to Stuttgart. If you have a landline flat rate, the call to us is completely free.


How does P-Call make money?

Our offer is aimed at business customers and includes all communication services. From inbound and outbound to innovative additional services. Here you can learn more about us

Is the conference limited?

The conference is neither limited in time nor in size. Conference as often as you like, long and with unlimited number of participants.

Do I have to register?

No, you simply agree on a 6-digit access code with your conference topics and then simply dial the telephone number 0711/20 50 32 32.

Do I need a special phone?

You can use the system with any phone. It is only important that the DTMF tones are transmitted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note that our conference call service is a voluntary free of charge Service provider. P-Call does not offer any support for this. The conference system runs independently of the business operations of our call and contact center.

P-Call would like to inspire new customers with the telephone conference for further offers from our company.