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More turnover and better service thanks to complete support via our Contact Center

Chat Kunden

Your customers will love the new service. Because without annoying waiting loop, without detours over the telephone or external E-Mail programs you are helped. In addition, our chat agents always try to convert the started dialog into a positive conversion.

Chat Agent

We clarify necessary information already during the conversation with your potential customer and pass it on directly to your sales team on request. This automatically leads to better service and higher revenue opportunities for you. In this way we get the full potential out of the visitors to your website.

Advantages of the supported live chat

High Conversion

Our employees manage to convert potential new customers to real customers more efficiently by targeting them in a targeted manner.

Little effort

Your chat will be completely managed by P-Call, you train our employees.

customer satisfaction

Chats have been proven to be one of the most popular communication platforms for customers. With an acceptance rate of over 80%, no other communication channel achieves so much customer satisfaction.

Quick answers

Additionally there is a FAQ database available. If necessary, we will contact you by telephone during the dialogue with your customer and, if necessary, record new answers in our database. In this way we can guarantee individual service.

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Frequently asked questions

At what times do you offer live chat?


The regular service times are Mondays to Fridays between 8 am and 6 pm. In addition, however, there is also the possibility to extend these times. Please talk to our sales department about this.

Can the chat box be adapted to my design?


Yes, the chat window as well as all settings are individually adapted to your wishes.


Do you also offer the service in other languages?

This would also be possible on request. Please contact our sales department about this topic.

How much does the chat service cost?


We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your project on request.

Can I also chat with the customers myself?


Yeah, that’s possible, too. For example, you can support our agents in the background.

To Live-chat offer

Broad background knowledge

So that the P-Call chat agents can also provide useful information about your products and/or services, we work in the background with an intuitive information system.

Requests are already compared with possible answers during the input of your users.

The agent can also contact you with a few clicks during the dialog with your customers. New information is constantly stored in the system for future requests of the same type. Thus, an internal knowledge database grows that enables us to respond to your customers quickly and efficiently.

reference project

Sweating in the office was yesterday. Klimambo makes the installation of air conditioning systems transparent. Via the online portal, users can plan the installation yourself and create your own climate control concept.

Of course, such a complex topic also raises many questions. A quick response at Klimambo ensures more orders and more satisfied customers. Users can request help at any time during their visit to the website.

A small chat box immediately opens the message box with which the live communication is started. A Klimambo Chat Operator (powerd by P-Call) answers the guest’s questions. The chat agents have various documents at their disposal for this purpose. In a training by Klimambo, the P-Call staff was also made familiar with the subject of air conditioning systems.