Order hotline for e-commerce


Expand your sales channels with an order hotline

Not every customer likes to reveal his personal data on the Internet.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative here?

Whether mail-order pharmacy, online boutique or computer retailer. Today almost all articles of the real world are offered for sale online.

But the recent scandals over stolen data and credit card abuse are also deterring more and more people from ordering online. What really happens when I enter my personal data in the online shop no one can so really

to comprehend.

Mit P-Call können Sie Ihren Kunden hier nun die Wahl lassen. Entweder direkt online zu bestellen oder über unsere telephone order hotline


Our employees take the orders of your callers, can if necessary give a direct statement about delivery times and availability and actively promote sales. So we point your customers if desired also directly to special offers or give tips for additional articles.

Your customers will love this service. Because here your customers do not communicate with a machine but with a real person. You can define individually when your order hotline should be reachable. If you wish, we can also accept your orders around the clock every day.

Your benefit

increase in turnover

By the additional sales channel, you can now reach customers who are afraid to place online orders.

customer satisfaction

Direct answering of questions increases customer satisfaction compared to competitors without order hotline.

Low cost

For the use of an order hotline you only incur low costs.


Increase sales by actively cross-selling our telephone agents.

Lieferdienst liefert Bestellung aus

Frequently asked questions about the order hotline

When can my customers use the order hotline?

Our Call Center offers you support 365 days a year, around the clock. So your customers can order by phone around the clock every day.

Which languages do the agents speak?

Our agents all speak German and English. On request, we can also offer you our service in the foreign languages you require.

Do I Need Special Software?

The technical connection to our call center takes place via interfaces which we will be happy to adapt together with you. Our technical support takes care of most of the work and actively supports you with the integration.

What does an own order hotline cost?

The costs depend on the scope of the project, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your project.

How fast is my hotline up and running?

If all details have been clarified, we can put your hotline into operation within one week, if requested. take.


We will be happy to make you an individual offer.