Recall for Dentists

We ensure optimum capacity utilisation

With our sustainable Patintenservice we provide the decisive advantage

A special service that your patients will appreciate and save you appointments.

We take care of the entire process, including scheduling appointments and reminders. And the data protection conformity in accordance with the provisions of the DSGVO.

Our service costs you less than a permanent assistant and usually pays for itself from the 1st month.

Our trained employees remind you of the upcoming preventive appointment and make an appointment with the patients directly via your calendar.

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Scheduling with P-Call


We work according to your specifications and stick to the time window you specify

number transfer

We call the patients with the telephone number of your practice, never anonymously.

appointment confirmation

On request, we will confirm the agreed appointment again in advance by e-mail, SMS, letter or call

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Online Appointment Calendar

On request we can transfer appointments directly to your electronic appointment calendar

Success statistics

You will receive evaluations about the odds at regular intervals including success results

Resubmission Management

If our call comes at a bad time, we simply call you again on the desired date


Accessibility after 5 dial attempts0

Date quota from reached0

Activation of additional family members (new customers)0


Average rates from past projects

The success of a recall action depends on your preparation. We would be happy to support you in launching a campaign in your practice. Our team has customizable templates for your patients and is happy to create a guide for your practice team.

Ask for an offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also supply addresses for addressing new customers?


We would be happy to recommend an address dealer for your target group if required. Just let us know what you have in mind

How many records do you schedule from?

You can start an outbound project from 100 addresses.

How do you bill?

Our services are billed on the basis of the addresses submitted and the dates on which they were scheduled. For each address that we have processed, there is a low price, in addition, a flat rate for each agreed date. We do not offer a pure commission-based settlement.

In which industries do you schedule?

We offer scheduling for almost every industry. Please feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry or give us a call. We would like to talk about your Project

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Here we depend on the scope of the project. As a rule, the training is carried out by the team leaders at P-Call. However, it is also possible to have the agents trained directly by the customer.