responsible action

We take responsibility

As entrepreneurs, it is a matter close to our hearts to actively support our environment, our fellow human beings and the regions in which we operate. Therefore P-Call is actively involved in various projects and actions.

project overview

In 2006 the United Nations called in their environmental program for the planting of one billion trees within one year. A sportive goal which should be reached every year from a new perspective. But a pure tree planting action is not enough! We are committed to the future of our planet as part of our environmental protection campaign. For each new customer, we compensate one tonne of Co2 and thereby achieve the status of a „climate-neutral company“.
Thus, we take responsibility for our environment and want to contribute to a better climate.

Klimaneutrales Unternehmen
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Gänsel und Gretel

At the Hänsel + Gretel Foundation, the promotion of child awareness is at the centre of its activities. With over 400 projects such as the Kinder Notinsel or prevention programmes against sexual violence against children, adults should learn to think and act more child-consciously. This improves the lives of children and makes adults see the world with children’s eyes and act accordingly. The P-Call OHG shows social commitment ♥ and supports the work of Hänsel + Gretel with donations.


The term brain tumor summarizes over 130 different clinical pictures of the central nervous system. Every year, more than 8,000 people in Germany fall ill with a brain tumour. In children, brain tumors are the second most common cancer and one of the most common cause of death due to cancer.

Since 1998, the association „Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e. V.“ (German Brain Tumour Aid) has been working for the interests of brain tumour patients and their relatives. The work of the non-profit association is financed purely by donations.

Since 2015, P-Call has been a member of the German Brain Tumor Aid (Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe) and would like to actively promote the improvement of the patient situation.

Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe
Branchenkodex des Call Center Verbands

We are a member of the Call Center Verband Deutschland e.V. and are therefore subject to the industry code for contact centers. This regulates telephony behaviour with regard to consumer protection. Transparency, fairness and reliability have top priority for us. We therefore check every order in advance for admissibility and consumer protection. We put economic interests very clearly in the background

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Deutsche Post DHL has set itself the target of increasing CO2 efficiency by 30 % by 2020 compared with 2007. We support Swiss Post by participating in the GoGreen programme. Every letter we send out with Deutsche Post is sent in a climate-friendly way.

By participating in the GoGreen project, Deutsche Post supports climate protection projects worldwide. A great thing that we like to support.

GOGREEN - Klimaneutraler Versand