Telephone acquisition for sales support


Acquiring new customers over the phone

We acquire new customers for you and turn your cold leads into hot contacts for your sales department: for all industries, products and services!

By telemarketing we mean more than cold calling. Together with you we develop an individual marketing concept. We first analyse your target group and develop the ideal advantages from your product or service.

This is how successful telephone acquisition works

Together with you, we develop an optimized address concept and our agents in the call center develop schools for your topic.

After an extensive induction period, we begin with the actual telephone marketing and address your potential new customers in a targeted manner.

We keep you informed at all times about the success of your Telemarketing campaign up to date. Our team leaders are always available to answer your questions and, if necessary, optimize telephony during the campaign with targeted approaches to addressing customers. Thus we guarantee optimal success for your sales.

Due to many years of project experience you benefit from our know-how in the telephone acquisition of your new customers.

Telekom Deutschland

Reference project: Telekom

For Telekom Deutschland GmbH, P-Call acquired new sales partners to market IT services.

The first step was to qualify suitable contact persons / decision makers, to whom the complex technology was then explained by telephone in sentences that were as short and exciting as possible. The aim of the telephone acquisition was a consulting appointment for the Telekom sales force.

Together with the customer, we prepared the telephone agents for the complex topic in a detailed training session. P-Call has consciously recruited employees with a certain technical enthusiasm. Our customer was very satisfied with the sales success

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Training of telephone agents

For P-Call is up to you, who should take over the training of your topics. Either you leave all the information to us, so that our team leaders can make the telephone team fit for the practice.


Or you come to us yourself and train our employees. This will give our team the opportunity to ask questions directly and you will get to know your acquisition telephone operators personally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you work on commission basis?

P-Call does not offer pure remuneration on a success basis. We usually combine the remuneration between a lump sum for telephony and a performance-related component.

What are the costs?

The remuneration is based on the address database. Talk to our sales department or request a quotation directly vc_column_text]

Can I also obtain addresses directly from you?

In cooperation with our address dealers, we are happy to offer you targeted call center addresses for your campaign. The data records purchased from the Address Broker can then be refined by us with further information as part of address qualification.

Is there a minimum size of address lists?

Our minimum order quantity for a telephone acquisition project is 300 addresses.

How many decision-maker contacts do you have on average?

As a rule, a call center agent speaks personally with 12 decision-makers per hour. Depending on the duration of the conversation and the availability of your target group.