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sales hotline

Tel. (0711) 20 50 3- 200


Simon Flaig

Tel. (0711) 20 50 3- 180
Mobile: (0170) 371 80 80

Mark Petzold

Sales & Technology
Tel. (0711) 20 50 3- 114

Daniel Bartsch

project management
Tel. (0711) 20 50 3- 170

Bettina Frohnmaier

accounting department
Tel. (0711) 20 50 3- 100

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Fast Do P-Call Phone Agents Answer The Phone ?

When will I get my offer?

Our sales department tries to answer every request within 24 hours. In order for us to be able to make an offer directly without having to ask a lot of questions, it is important that you fill in as many fields as possible in the enquiry form.

How quickly can P-Call provide a 24-hour hotline?

Especially fast: If it has to be, it can be done within one day. In particularly urgent cases, please contact our sales department by telephone.