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Despite the great importance of the 0800 number for companies, there are still many myths surrounding the offer. We look at the most important information to this service number, which can represent a meaningful solution also for your enterprise.

Service numbers with this key figure have appeared in Germany as successors to the 0130 numbers and are also referred to as Freephone numbers. In the following we would like to clarify the most important questions concerning this important service offer.

Free calls for your customers

By setting up the 0800 number you ensure your customers the possibility of free contact. For this reason, the facility is mainly used in the area of customer service, which should be available to users completely free of charge. As a company, you have the opportunity to present yourself magnanimously and to make the advice of the service team available free of charge.

0800 numbers from abroad

Those who set up a German 0800 service number cannot reach it from abroad. There is an international variant available for this, which, however, entails significantly higher costs for companies. The 0800 number is well suited to direct calls abroad at low rates, for example if the service centre is located there.

Calling service numbers with your mobile phone

Not only the contact with the fixed network is completely free for the caller with 0800 numbers. Even the Mobile phone offers the possibility to access the connection free of charge. This opportunity for free exchange also applies to Internet telephony. If your customers decide to make a Skype call, there are of course no costs involved.

0800 Nummer vom Handy erreichbar

0800 or 0180 number?

In addition to Freephone numbers, the 0180 prefix for customer-relevant services is particularly widespread. The difference is that the latter entails costs for the caller. The designation of the 0180 numbers as „shared cost services“ already indicates that the call charges are shared between the caller and the called party. The exact final digit determines whether billing is based on minutes or calls. The Federal Network Agency is responsible for limiting charges. Thus a call may not cost per minute more than 42 cent, while the time in the waiting loop is free in each case must.

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The advantages at a glance

The creation of an 0800 number is a service provided to the customer. They appreciate a free service that radiates professionalism and can focus on their core business. The costs incurred by the company are usually consciously accepted in order to achieve the image improvement that can be reflected in growing sales.

Some companies shy away from abandoning the regionality of the individual prefix in favour of the new service number. The standardised 0800 number looks more anonymous, but this is precisely how it can radiate professionalism. As an entrepreneur, you benefit from the fact that the telephone number is not bound to a specific location and can be forwarded flexibly to other telephone numbers so that you can no longer be reached on just one line.

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Your 0800 number from P-Call

Would you like to improve your customer service and offer your customers free telephone contact? At p-call, we first take care of the flawless technical setup within a few hours. Our trained service staff will then answer all calls to your new personal telephone number and devote all their attention to the concerns of your customers.

Do you have any further questions about setting up the 0800 number? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry.